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    iPhoto6 Crashing
    iPhoto6 is crashing on me as it tries to load my library. Most of the solutions I've read have me rebuilding the library which means I'm going to lose all the keywords, ratings, comments and edits for 5000 pics.... I can't believe that Apple would allow such a catastrophe without some way to recover... It feels too much like an answer I'd get from Dell. neye:

    Is there anyway to repair my library and retain all the ratings, keywords and edits that I've done over the last several years?

    I've got iLife backed up using Backup. Can I just restore my library? Will that have all my edits?


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    you can backup your library, then delete iphoto's preferences. they're in:
    mac hd>users> your username> library> delete file:
    make sure that iphoto is closed when you delete its preferences. how many images are in your library?

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    You can hold down command (apple) + option (alt) when you click iPhoto's icon in the Dock, hold them down till iPhoto loads and you will get a list of options you can repair, tick them all and let it run if it will.


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