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    234 preview pane on the right instead of bottom.
    Hey everyone.

    Is there any way to have use its preview window so its on the right, like Entourage or Outlook does? Even with a plugin, instead of it being on the bottom? Only thing I dislike. Thanks!

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    Nope. But then again, its not Outlook or Entourage. It is different and that is a good thing in my book. I am very happy with subtle differences between Mac apps and MS apps. No sense in trying to make one look or work more like the other, just use whichever one works out the best for you :black:
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    What D3v1L80Y said.

    I really like it on the bottom anyway. For me it's the way it should be. I used to use Eudora on the early Macs and the PC then Incredimail on XP. Mail impresses me in it's simplicity and layout.

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    I dunno, I don't think being on the right is anything Microsoft at all. It makes no sense having it on the bottom when we have all widescreen displays now, much more efficient to use it in widescreen. I'm forced to just not use preview at all and open them individually.

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