I've been using Radio Shark for some time without problem and find it an excellent, if expensive, addition to my G5 iMac. I regularly record radio programmes which are automatically transferred to iTunes on completion. Works a treat.

However, over the weekend I recorded a 16 hour programme which appeared to be too much for it. The recording seemed to work ok and there is a ~1Gb mov file in my music/radioshark folder but I can't open it because Quicktime complains of a file size error.

There's also a 0byte file of the same name but has a "m4p" extention (I think - I'm at work and not in front of the iMac) which I believe is there as Radioshark is trying to create a music file suitable for iTunes but fails as it can't open the source (mov) file.

I guess my underlying problem is opening the huge mov file - any suggestions anyone?