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Thread: messenger with video function

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    messenger with video function
    Hi all

    would like to use my built in isight on my MBP to video chat with my wife abroad. she's on a windows machine
    was wondering what software u guys would recommend?
    i know that msn for mac doesnt have video support.

    thanks for any help

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    If she's running windows xp then she should use AIM Messenger which will allow full video/audio between the both of you (assuming you use iCHat)

    For the MSN network I use aMSN on my mac and my ladyfriend uses the standard msn on her PC. It runs well for just video, no supprt for audio yet but fingers crossed

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    thanks for the info m8
    looking into mercury at the moment

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    Yeha, I'm thinking that iChat (You) and AIM (Her) is probably the best solution

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