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Thread: stuffit 10 hangs forever

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    stuffit 10 hangs forever
    I'm using stuffit expander 10, when extracting stuff it will hang for a long time and say something like:

    Time Remaining: 432432832284394 hours

    What gives? Are there bugs in stuffit 10 or what?

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    that's weird...

    try uninstalling Stuffit and using BOMArchiver, it should have come with your mac, works fine for me.
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    Stuffit on OS X has been a really awful piece of software. It's a nasty compression mechanism anyway in an age of interoperability. Not much help of course should you have files in .sit (stuffit) archives you require.

    I'd suggest hunting down an older version of StuffIt such as version 7 or 8; as these tend to be a lot less crash prone a little less ridiculous on the estimated time to completion front, but even then they get it grossly wrong.

    Whenever you see a ridiculous time like that, ignore it. The unarchiving process is going to take a few minutes for sure; but it won't take anywhere near as long as it somehow guesses.


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