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    Need software to mount stuff!

    I moved all my music from my PC to my mac.

    It's all in folders with the album name etc...

    I want to mount the songs on to a drive so that I can import them through iTunes and use Gracenote to get info etc...

    I have roxio Toast but that only lets you mount disc images...

    Any ideas???

    By the way thanks for all the help already dished out!


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    So, you already have the folders with the music copied onto your Mac?

    If so, you should be able to easily import them to iTunes by draging the folder to the iTunes icon on the Dock, or else by using the import under the File menu.

    I think what you are saying is that you are under the impression that iTunes can only 'Import' in the way it does when you put in an audio CD. You do not need to have them appear to be on a disk, you can just drag and drop or import with the File menu.
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    Well, that worked for half!
    Some folders just won't import...

    Some are aac and some are mp3.

    I think it might be because they don't have the information about title, artist etc.

    I thought maybe if I could mount it on a virtual drive I could click import and it would query the database and retrieve the info.


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