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    Possible to install apps on external HD
    Hi there

    i was wondering if its possible to install apps on an external harddrive?

    I want to install motion but dont want to load up my computers HD with all the files since im down to about 40 gigs. I have an external HD which is currently at 180gb.

    is it possible to install motion on this harddrive and still use the program?


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    Have you tried installing it? I'd presume Motion has a dedicated installer and you should be able to select a hard disk before it starts copying files. It is at this point you will know if it will allow you or not.

    Make sure you have the external drive plugged in before you try.


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    okay. thanks! i'll just go for it!

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    i dont have no mac's
    i suggest installing on your harddrive and using the external as your scratch disk (or where you save all of your files)
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    the only thing is, doesn't motion take up like over 8 gigs of space just to install? there's no way around that is there?

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    turns out it can only be installed on a running disk. darn.

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