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    Question about Virtual PC and Xbox 360
    Ok, my question is:

    Is it possible to have a copy of Windows Media Centre running in Virtual PC, and be able to get the Xbox 360 to work with it.

    If any of you have done this...please inform me.

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    i dont have no mac's
    vpc is slow, i dont really know what window media centre is or the deal with xbox 360 is. but most likely it will be too slow and not work
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    i dont remember

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    I don't know, i have heard that this kind of opperation could just take to long and painfully slow to be reasonable, but if it doesn't cost you to much money, than you might as well go ahead and try it.
    It's all good.

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    Theoretically: Yes.
    Realistically: No.

    It _is_ possible, but not realistic. Why not? Because VPC runs waaaay too slow for you to want to run WinXP MCE [Media Center Edition] on it.

    Hope this helps

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