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    Mac friendly ebay listing s/w available?
    Hello All,
    Does anyone know of any free Mac friendly software for the html challenged (like myself) that lets you create ebay ads? Something like Turbo Lister is what I had in mind. I don't know html and every time I create a new ad, I use the eBay hints and it takes me way too long to create just one ad - very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i know how you feel, im just glad i onnly do ebay once every 9million years.

    go to and search for some stuff, sorry i dont know any programs but it is always a great place to look for any software
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    The two that I know of are Garagesale and iSale, both of which are NOT free.

    I plumped for Garagesale which works fine for me.
    Try googling 'garagesale review or isale review' to see what people are saying about both.

    Not aware of any free ones sorry.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I did try and saw an ad for seems easy to use and they have a three ad (free posting trial offer). I'll give it a try and see how that goes. I'll google the reviews for both garagesale and isale.

    Thanks Again Guys. :-)

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    Out of the two I would plump up for iSale, it also has a free posting trial.

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