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Thread: MSN on iChat?

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    MSN on iChat?
    Hi, is there a way of using iChat for MSN? I know it works with AIM but none of my friends have AIM!

    Thanks, Jack

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    Get Adium. It's a multi-chat program that lets you log onto AIM, MSN, and Yahoo i think.
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    Adium is indeed much better, you can customise how it looks from its preferences and get some nice simple buddy lists (MSN is bloated and takes up a lot of space, well on windows is does anyway)

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    In my opinion, Adium is the king of chat clients. Everything about it is great, and it even lets me connect to my Lotus Sametime account for work. I didn't know about this when I started using it a while ago, but it was a nice surprise.

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    short story short: adiumx
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    From what I understand you can use jabber to get to MSN but I'm not sure how. Start your search there.

    EDIT: Here it is

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