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Thread: MactheRipper to Toast 7

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    MactheRipper to Toast 7
    Ok just before I start this is all legal, unlike some posts where its like "ok so i downloaded this movie, and need to burn it on my free Toast." Ok heres the deal, I have Toast 7 and just downloaded mac the ripper (freeware) and wanted to test it out since I am not as computer savvy as I would like to be. So I took my Dave Matthews Concert DVD and ripped it from mac the ripper, then slid the file into toast and burned it onto DVD. I would say it worked out, quality was fine. But two things happened....One, the menu was not usable, Secondly it seemed like it was burned for a wide screen TV. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, Luke

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    all legality aside make sure you do a full disk extraction in MTR. and then in toast select video and then 'dvd-video from video_ts' and you should get a perfect disk.

    the aspect of the video should not change at all so maybe you copied the widescreen version of the disk?
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