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    Unhappy OS X alarm app won't scale volume
    Topic Description: "easy wake" feature isn't so gradual

    Anyone familiar with OSX/iMac hardware functionality that allows an app to scale sound volume over a set duration?

    First, here's the situation...

    I'm lying in bed. It's 6:30am (time to get up). Moments after my alarm clock goes off, I whack it into submission (quite often repeatedly until I'm conscious enough to switch it off). :mad: So, who reading this shares their bedroom with both a computer and a stereo? Anyone? Well, I do, and I've kept my eyes peeled for an alarm clock application that could wake my computer, and then me (gradually), to the sounds of my favorite iTunes playlist, for quite some time. No more waiting. A fellow named Robbie Hanson recently authored Alarm Clock 2 (see ) for OS X 10.4. Why is it any different than the slew of alarm clock applications released before it? Because it SCALES the alarm volume from 0-100% over the course of 5 minutes (or whatever length of time it takes for YOUR subconscious to kick it). But hold on...MY volume won't scale (it's stuck at 100% the entire time)!! And thus, my problem.

    I have an iMac G4 (1ghz), running Tiger (the OS version for which Alarm Clock 2 was programmed). I have set the audio output, in System Preferences, to the Built-in Audio setting, to be sure that no 3rd party drivers are messing things up.

    My question: Is this a hardware issue for older iMacs (the G4 variety), or is this problem unique to this particular app (Alarm Clock 2)? :cool:

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    Try emailing the author with the problem?
    Repair permissions?

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