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    Up until about 6 months ago, I could view email I had sent by going to the sent folder and clicking on a letter. Now it says I need to download it from the server. I've run into trouble using the help menu and it doesn't correct my problem. Below is a more indept look at the problem.

    I'm still using OS10.3.9 (Tiger hasn't enough in it for me to upgrade). My mail is 1.3.11. My Mail help is version 2.0.7. here's what mine says;
    Saving copies of email you send

    Mail automatically saves copies of messages you send in the Sent mailbox. You can change how sent messages are stored, and you can have sent messages placed in a different mailbox. You can also have outgoing mail messages appear in your In box alongside new mail.
    ? To have messages in the Sent mailbox stored on your mail server (if you are using an IMAP mail account), choose Mail > Preferences and click Accounts. Select an account. Click Special Mailboxes, and select "Store sent messages on the server." If this option is not selected, sent messages are stored on your computer.
    ? To save copies of messages in a different mailbox, select the mailbox you want to use. Choose Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > Sent.

    However when I go to "Special Mailboxes" there is nowhere that it gives me a choice of storing sent messages. It has
    "Sent Erase copies of sent messages when (I have never selected)
    Junk Erase copies of junk mail
    Trash Erase....."
    So since I have selected never to erase, I should have them and always have had up till about 6 months ago. Below is what I see when I try to view a message that I sent; This one was titled cookie dough where I replied to one from my daughters teacher.

    The message from ______ _____ <> concerning “Re: Cookie Dough” has not been downloaded from the server. You need to take this account online in order to download it.

    I have one other strange issue thats weird, when I am on finder and try to access Mac help it opens and then closes before I can type in a question. I found that by trying to solve my mail problem.

    Any suggestions?? Thanks for responding and trying to assist.

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    When was the last time you repaired disk permissions?

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    I would boot the OS CD and run Disk Utilitity and use Verify Disk on the main drive. If it finds problems then use the Repair option.

    Is your mail on an IMAP server? Then perhaps you need to connect to it to see your sent messages. I don't have a good answer for that.

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    I have been going insane over exactly the same issue. All my messages were saved just fine with attachments until over a year ago. Since them Mail 1.3.11 thinks I have an IMAP account with Sent messages saved on server, so when I browse Sent it says the account must go online.... but there is no IMAP / Exchange / .Mac account! I use only POP, and my option is to erase Sent items: NEVER! I now have no records of sent messages - even the ones which were fine for years. Now it's all gone. The messages should be on the Mac locally. Why is it looking on a server for these for a POP account?!

    I do have strange problems for permissions repairs all over. As a UNIX SysAdmin, I've never had problems with this, but OS X ties itself in knots with this! I will boot from Panther CD and see what happens. When booting Mac at command-line, fsck never sees a problem! Disk Utility always wants to repair lots. Rubbish. I've only ever used a Mac and UNIX. If this Mac gets worse I'll get Windows for the home...

    If anyone has seen this Mail Sent folder problem and fixed it, please reply...


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    i am having similar problem, i purchased a new imac and for the first couple of months Mail was working fine, however a couple of days ago i went into my sent box to check something i sent previously and lo and behold all my sent messages had gone. i searched help on what to do and it tells me the sent mail is there somewhere it's that the server cannot locate the sent mailbox, well hello???? and when i go to the menu to "use this mailbox for sent mail" the command is shaded out so the option is not there.Any Help please ????


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