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Thread: Deleting mail from server

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    Deleting mail from server
    I have mail setup to take down mail from my pop3 account. Upto recently I assummed that if I delete a mail on Mail it would delete from my server. However, when I went online to check my mail I found they were still all there.

    I am using a dial up connection but was wondering is there a way to setup Mail to automatically delete from the server when a message is deleted?

    Right now I have to go online and delete messages every so often as there is a space limit on my account

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    open mail go to mail/preferences, click the advanced tab above your account information and check the checkbox that says remove copy from server after retrieving message and pick right away from the drop down menu. thats it.

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    Thanks for the suggestion but I only want to remove it from the server if i delete it not when I download it.

    Is there any way to do this?

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    Well, the message in your mail and the message in your pop3 account are two separate entities. You can't (at least to my knowledge) execute a delete one, delete the other at the same time. You either delete them separately (via mail and by logging on to the pop3 account directly), or, if you want to manually empty your pop3 account, go to Mail>>>Preferences, Advanced tab on the Accounts, and press the Remove Now button to clear your pop3 account messages (or you could also set it right away, after a day, a week, etc. as Smackintosh suggested).

    Hope this helps.
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