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    Angry Limewire Pro on MBP - Won't load?
    Since I've had my MBP, I can't run Limewire Pro.

    Apparenty, after scanning a few other articles on the net, this is due to the 10.4.5 update of OSX, coz others are experiencing the same thing on PPC Macs running 10.4.5.

    Anyine experiencing this either on Intel or PPC? Quite miffed coz I actually paid for Limewire Pro (one of the few people who get it legally!)
    Oh...and only pretty girls use Macs...

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    Just get acquisition. :-p makes my life easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacostilllives
    Just get acquisition. :-p makes my life easier.
    Both LimeWire and LimeWire Pro work on my iMac Core Duo. Are you sure you've tried the latest LimeWire version? go to and download it off their to ensure that this is the case.

    And I'm running on 10.4.5 currently

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