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    Configuring Mail
    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to configure the Mail program on my iBook to recieve my emails, I've set up my Gmail account and am now trying to set it up for my Hotmail account.

    I couldn't find any POP3 servers so did a bit of research on the net to try and track them down. From what I've found out it seems as if hotmail doesn't use POP3 but uses the HTML something or other.

    I tried setting up the account as an HTML accout but Mail doesn't seem to have that option, only .mac, POP, IMAP and Exhange.

    Can someone enlighten me on whether or not it is possible to collect hotmail emails through the Mail program?


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    I tried to do this a while ago. Sorting through a bunch of Google hits lead me to installing an add-on for Mail (called httpmail) but it didn't work with my newer version of Mail.

    My more recent Googling indicates that there's no up-to-date instructions - at least, not for an elegant, fully functional solution. FreePOPs will apparently let you read (but not send) any kind of e-mail in any e-mail application, but I haven't looked in to how it works since I use my Hotmail account too rarely to justify spending a lot of time on this issue.

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