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    Weird Question
    Hey guys, I have a question that I know the Mac-Forums regulars can help me with. I have a friend who is on the verge of buying a new iMac. I've been converting him for a while now but then he came at me with a weird question. He wants to know if he can get it to say "Hello, Frank" or "Good Morning, Frank" whenever he turns on his computer (like in Independence Day). I'm pretty sure he is gonna buy one whether or not it will do that but I was just hoping I could come through for him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Just write an Applescript that does that and put it as a startup item in accounts pref pane.
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    I am not to fimiliar with making scripts. Can anyone fill me in on exactly how i should set up this script?

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    Open the AppleScript folder in the Applications folder of your hard disk. Launch the Script Editor.

    Type in the following:
    say "Good Morning, t-lo"
    and save it as an application. (You can change the stuff inside the "" to whatever you need it to say.)

    Then open System Preferences, click the Accounts pane, and select the Login Items tab. Drag your saved script into the list, and it will start every time you log in.

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    Doing this makes Applescript open with my saved script but it does not play in the background. I have to manually play it.

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    You must save it out of ScriptEditor as an application with no Startup Dialog.

    Then this application must be set as a login item via SystemPreferences>Accounts.

    This way, you'll log in, the app will run, then it will close it's self.
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