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    What's wrong with my MSN Messenger ???
    Hi all, please help !

    Have been searching high and low for answers.. and i really hope I can find them here.

    Both my Powerbooks (G4) are running the latest version of MSN messenger (ver 5.5.1)

    But whenever I start the application, they keep on disconnecting after a minute (or sometimes even less!). I have checked and double checked all the configurations of the firewall, proxies, etc... but everything seems to be ok. I can start the program fine.. but it just keeps on disconnecting - with a messege that the 'system is unavailable and you have been logged out'.

    What is going on? Can someone help please? Has anyone encountered this problem before ?

    Thanks in advance !


    Olivia C.

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    I had this same problem a week ago (i am running latest version on Intel) and that finally stopped after a while. Now it won't let me sign in at all. The MSN servers are up and running it said.

    Must be some kind of Mac/Messenger problem. Its not just you.

    Very annoying and frusterating.

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