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Thread: email photo sending problems

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    email photo sending problems
    I currently have an emac g4 running osx tiger. I am using the email program that comes with the computer. Some people cannot open the photos I email them and I can't figure out why. I am sending them in jpeg format. I have tried both drag and drop and importing folders. For some reason some people cannot open.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    are these people on windows computers?? the program mail should have a buttton saying send windows friendly attachments.

    also if you are sending them to corporate email addresses, they might strip all attachments no matter what they are.
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    Also make sure that the filename has the .jpg / .jpeg extension included.

    OS X doesn't need it, but some OS's won't recognise the file format automatically.

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    I had that same problem
    I had that same problem and here's the help I got (it worked!)

    "Are you sending from iPhoto and Mail?

    I use Entourage. Under Preferences>Compose, there's an option to 'Encode for Any computer. (AppleDouble)' See if there's an option like that under whatever mail program you're using and everyone should be able to open your attachments ok.

    OR tell everyone to get a Mac!"

    Hope this helps you too!

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