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    iWeb question
    I recently converted to Mac. I have my own web page, and used MS Frontpage to work with it. Now that the PC is gone I needed something else. I was told that iWeb was what I needed, so I recently purchased iLife and installed it. So far I can find no way to access my present web site. All iWeb seems to do is offer a handful of cheesy pre-made web pages to modify and publish on a mac website. Am I missing something? Is there somewhat to access and edit pages on my present web site? Or did I waste my money on iLife? Help!

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    If you got iLife just for iWeb, then yeah you wasted your money. You'll need something like Dreamweaver to access your already created site. FrontPage does some of the worst code I have ever seen in a web program, so Dreamweaver might have problems with it.. but then again maybe not and maybe it'll clean it up also.

    iWeb just uses templates and is a simple way for people with no experience in designing sites, to get a nice looking site up pretty quickly.

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    iweb was not meant really to edit old pages, it is to create new ones. It does not even have built in ftp support.

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