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    What are your favorite Universal Applications?
    I just wanted to start a topic for us Intel-based Mac users to post our favorite Universal Applications. I'm actually surprised how many are out there already.

    Thus far I've been wasting the most time with the Big Bang Board Games pack included with new Macs and the Universal Doom 3.

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    I had a look at the board games, they look pretty hehe.

    I have World of Warcraft, which after downloading a patch is now universal. Its great that they released a patch which turns it, but then again they want the subscribers. Blizzard have always made pc & mac games on the same CD. I wish more people had the same idea.
    It was about time I switched... and I am so glad I did.

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    Hmmm, I'm not really thinking in much depth here but....Probably Adium or Chronosync.

    However, if the question were 'Which Universal Application are you MOST looking forward to?'......The answer would be a firm 'FLIP4MAC' ^_^

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    I'm looking forward to Flip4Mac too, but Windows Media Player works fine with Rosetta. I would also like to see Stubbs the Zombie be made Universal, as well as Adobe applications. Luckily most of my applications work fine under Rosetta so I'm pretty happy right now.

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    I was happy that cee-pee-you and Menu Extra Enabler came out as universal binaries. It's cool to see (2) CPU utilization percentages on the bar. I am hoping for Temperature Monitor, flip4mac, and the Logitech keyboard/mouse drivers soon. Other than that, my favorites so far are Deerpark (Firefox), Adium, and Onyx.

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    Universal Apps
    My iStat nano shows two CPU bars on my Mac mini Core Duo but I wonder how accurate it is. When I have the computer working extremely hard converting video and doing other things it only shows CPU use on both cores to be about 60%-65%.

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