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    I just got a MacBook and was formerly using Macromedia Dreamweaver on my PC. Now I need web editing software for my Mac but buying Dreamweaver AGAIN is a bit out of my budget right now...

    I probably don't even really need such a complex WYSIWYG program...all I do is edit a simple site with simple functions. All I really want is to have a built in FTP, layering capability, roll-overs and other basic functions.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I tried using MS Word X for editing a web page and it was AWFUL... Trying to go back and forth between the HTML source and main view was surprisingly difficult. Had to keep re-saving. MS even generates a HUGE list of unessessary code...WTF?! Used Fetch for FTP, but I want it incorporated.

    BTW, I do NOT know HTML or scripting at all.

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    rapid weaver might be all you need, while i only use iWeb all the people i know really love this app and say that it does a great job.

    Have a look on versiontracker for it

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    you got a macbook pro? it should come built in with iWeb, and it is a great program. If you have a .mac account, use iWeb to create a page and upload it on .mac.
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    Or maybe try Nvu. It seems to be maturing into a solid program. And it's free.

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    iWeb will only do templates as far as I can see. I need to create completely custom pages with layers and rollovers. Unless I'm missing something, I didn't see anything in iWeb.

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    Maybe try Shutterbug. It was originally meant for creating web galleries but has evolved into a full-fledged website creator. It does rollovers. I'm not so sure about layers, though.

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