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Thread: Is firefox UB?

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    Question Is firefox UB?
    I've read that FF is UB, but it runs pretty crappy on my mbp 2.0 (inital load time, page rendering, and scrolling). And beyond that, wmp works in the browser and I was under the impression that there was no UB wmp plugin that worked. So it leads me to believe FF is running under rosetta. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    i dont see anywhere on mozillas website that firefox is a unervisal binary yet.
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    There are test-buils of Firefox that are universal binaries. They can be downloaded here, just be aware that they are unsupported and may crash on the first use:

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    Do a get info on the app. Kind will tell you whether it is a Universal Binary or not. My copy of Camino is a UB but I use a G4 optimized version of FF so do not know what the general release is.

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