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    Question , I have LimeWire Pro 10.4.9 and when I right click it for 'get info', it says that it's a PowerPC binary. However, I've been told mixed things on the web, so which is it? Because of it's speed, it seems like it would be universal (the icon only bounces twice, with no volleyball).

    Also, all my apps are universal. this includes everything that came loaded, with addition to:

    -StuffIt 10.1 Beta (lightning fast compared to the powerpc build)
    -HandBrake Lite (seems fast)
    -iWorks '06
    -Transmission (excellent speeds and loads instantaneously, but I wish it would support creating new torrents)

    the only apps I have now that are powerpc are:
    -Microsoft Office 2004
    -Adobe Photoshop CS2

    and i was wondering if there were any universal apps that were comparable. also, when I uninstall an app, I just drag it to the trashcan right? there's no uninstallers like windows, i assume (this is what i've been doing so far).

    and its not necessary to be completely Universal, but it certainly doesnt hurt

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    I have Limewire 10 Pro and it also says PowerPC, for some reason I thought they were universal. Seems to run perfectly though for me however. Sensing that it says PowerPC I think the program is PowerPC.

    Microsoft Office and Adobe both are still PowerPC. Universal will probably be a ways away. For office you could try they are universal I am sure and is a free alternative to MSO. I have MSO and it seems to run fine also, no need to change for me.

    More and more applications are turning universal as time goes on. You just have to give it some time. Rosseta is doing a good job on my part so far however.

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    screw Handbrake Lite, I can't get it to work after waiting 40 minutes of encodes.
    maybe i'm just stupid. anyways, I don't know why I wanted this. i don't really watch videos on my ipod

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    funny... handbrake lite worked for me...
    the back of our computer looks better than the front of theirs

    Quote Originally Posted by Super_boy22
    i can store many dvds on 1 floppy so it's essential to me

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