Ok, I've found a quirk with Handbrake and would like to know if anyone else has seen these. For some background, I just bought an iPod Video and am moving some of my DVD collection to it for use outside the home.

I can rip a movie to my HDD (on either of my Macs) at whatever settings I want. When the rip is done I must restart the Mac or the next Rip will not complete. The next Rip will get to 100% complete and the countdown will stop with 01 second left and never finish. I then have a Ripped movie that will not play in QT and that I can not pause or finish in Handbrake. If I restart the Mac between rips, this problem doesn't happen. The only time I can avoid restarts is to Que. up multiple DVDs, but after they finish I have to restart.On both systems, this is likely to happen if I am logged in and have the machine in use for something else. On both machines, if I return it to the login screen (without logging out) the rips will consistently complete. This leads me to believe that something on either machine is hanging up Handbrake.

Anyone else had this issue?

Mac Stats:

G4 Desktop (Sawtooth), 1.3Ghz, 1Gb RAM, OSX 10.4.5

iBook, 1Ghz, 768Mb RAM, OSX 10.4.5