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    No sound from realplayer.
    Hi has any body had a problem with the audio on realplayer.I get no sound from mine now although it was ok at first. I have tried getting rid of the prferences and downloading again but nothing seems to work.
    Sorry, just read a thread about garage band and it worked immediately.
    No need for help now.

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    Jul 12, 2006
    same thing happen to mine this morning. i dono what is going on. anyone plesae help?

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    real player
    this is maybe a long shot

    but i use the bbc site which uses real player plug in.

    suddenly i stopped getting all bbc audio, with perfect video

    could not find the answer after downloading real player

    reinstalling etc. so i checked the bbc site and lo and behold

    a problem and solution was beleive it or not,

    open garageband

    close garageband

    hey presto full audio from real player and bbc website

    let me know if it works

    it did for meneye:

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