Hey everyone,

Not sure if this is the right forum, if not hopefully it can be moved. Here's my issue, I need to print a bunch of documents from an online training course I'm doing. Right now I load each page, print to PDF using Acrobat 7 Professional, and then merge them all together to bring to work to print which is fine. A lot of pages are just empty, so I use acrobat to erase them. My question is this, some pages end up having maybe 1/3rd of the page with info, then all white space, then the next document has 1/3rd as well. Is there any possible way with Acrobat 7 Pro, to edit the document so that I can merge those two pages together? Meaning take those 2 separate pages that only use less than half a page each, and put them together on one page? It wouldn't be an issue but there's going to be over 500 pages here when I'm done, so even if I can end up saving 20 in the end its a huge help. Thanks!