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    AVI to Toast Help Please!
    Ok lets pretend that I am 8 years old, because thats what I feel like sometimes with computers. Heres what I want to do. Take AVI Files, and burn them to a DVD and put in chapters.
    I have Toast 7 Titanium, anyone want to help and walk me through it in nice easy English? I would greatly appreciate it! And how long does a DVD take to burn?

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    Use ffmpegx to convert the file:

    There are instructions for building a dvd here:

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    You could also use an app called iSquint, which will just convert .avi files to mp4 format for burning, though it doesn't have the extensive features of ffmpegx, it's simpler to use.

    As for how long it will take? That all depends on your machine. This morning I burnt a DVD containing just under two hours of video with a menu and it took about an hour and a half from start to finish.

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