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Thread: Lost information

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    Lost information
    Last week or so, should have posted this then...

    I woke up one morning and everything within my OSX applications was lost. Emails, Address book, Passwords/user ID's saved in Foxfire/Safari, buddy list in iChat, all iCalendar information gone. There was nothing at all as if just using each application for the first time.

    I had no idea where this information is stored on a mac, or where to find out. What could my kids have done that made this happen? (yes, I am blaming them :dummy: )

    Anyone else have similar happen, I have repaired it all the hard way with the exception of the lost emails that were saved to the HD. Would be nice to locate those.

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    If I was your kid, I would say that I probably screwed something up trying something in lets say.. terminal.. and ended up formatting the system and re-installing it so that my dad (you in this case) did not notice.. which you did.

    but honestly.. dont' know how that could have happened, hopefully someone else here will know. but question your kids what happened to the computer.
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    Thanks for replying. I was gone the past 4 days and have not looked further into time. When I get a chance I will see where emails are currently being stored and that will be a good start.

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