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    Sep 26, 2005
    Firefox or safari?
    what is your preference and why? the scrolling rendering on safari can get a little funky sometimes. . .

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    I like safari for reasons such as its abliity to sync up bookmarks with .mac, and I like its styling and how well it works with the os.

    Tried firefox, I didn't like it to much.
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    I prefer safari, it just feels native (and by native i mean made by apple) and clean.

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    I use Camino which is based on Firefox for MacOSX. Safari is not to bad.

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    I use Camino most of the time. Then trade off between Shiira, Safari, and Firefox the rest.

    Safari is the defacto standard and is very fast. I have a few problems with certain pages but nothing awful.

    Shiira is fun and uses webkit. The last release has been less than stable for me though.

    Firefox (I use the optimized Deerpark version) Is also fast, though painfuly slow to start up. It is not as fast as Safari IMHO but it is still quite good. Extensions are a great thing though, giving you all sorts of options.

    Camino has a native feel to it and is fast. As fast as Safari for me, maybe a bit faster. It does not support Firefox extensions though, which is a shame. I am not sure exactly why I use Camino to be honest. I switch my primary browser occasionally but always come back to Camino.

    I use Quicksilver, Ma.gnolia, and ListMixer for bookmarks so swapping between browsers does not really bother me.

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    I use safari mainly because it loads very quickly and its just really nice and clean like OSX. I use firefox occasionally because of all the good extensions.

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    Apr 08, 2005
    I stopped using FF, it was getting old with all those extensions.. I now use Shiira & Opera, once set-up to your liking Opera rocks..

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    safari works just fine for me

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    I personally prefer Safari.
    Like other people have said I just prefer the clean, integrated Apple style.

    Plus it is VERY quick

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