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Thread: Testing iChat

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    Testing iChat
    Hey all,

    Just a quick request....(please)

    I'm really happy with my new iMac, OS X is great etc etc.....Only thing is, one of the most amazing demos I ever saw before I started using Tiger was on iChat AV Multi-Video.

    Sad thing is though....Literally none of my friends or family seem to use AIM or .Mac. Maybe this is just a 'UK thing' but it seems my family in Singapore and friends elsewhere in the world just stick to MSN too.

    Anyway point being, I'd really love to try this. Preferably with a few of you to get a feel for the multi-video.

    So if you fancy helping me test this thing then just drop me a PM (and/or note here) and hopefully we can have a quick video chat at some point.


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    No one around here uses AIM either. MSN is dominate here.

    To bad it didn't let you use that also.

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    I though AIM dominated here..
    I didn't knwo that most people use MSN as everybody I know uses AIM, I would participate but I do not have an iSight .. I am sorry.
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    No problem.

    It obviously tends to vary, although as I said all of my friends and family are MSN based so...

    Kinda a shame as iChat AV is kinda great.
    They should add support for Yahoo, MSN etc.

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    i'm game, i'm at work right now but i'll pm you my screenname. not sure about the time difference...i'm in Phx, AZ (MST), maybe we can set something up.

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