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Thread: looking for mac encryption software

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    looking for mac encryption software
    I have made the change to Mac. I am looking for encryption software. I have a sandisk that I always had encrypted. The software will only run in windows. What can I use to encrypted files and folders? Filevault looks like it will encrypt the whole OS, I only want one folder.


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    Just create a Disk Image with Disk Utility and select to encrypt that.

    When you open it, it will ask for a password.

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    Firevault does your home directory, not the entire computer, but still is a little overboard of you only want one folder.
    This is what I do when I want to encrypt a folder: I go to disk utility, then I click on New Image, after I have clicked on new image I select the size of the image I want to create. Then I choose to encrypt it, set a password, make sure it is not set to add it to keychain, then I place the .dmg file where I would like the folder to be, once I have done this, I can open up the .dmg file and it will mount on the desktop and on the side bar in finder. (it will ask you for your password to mount). Then you can start saving to the disk image and draging files to it. Once you are done with the drive, you can simply eject it and next time you want it again just open it. very secure way of doing things.

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    Run disk utility (you can find it in the utilities folder in your apps folder) and create a new disk image, you will need to specify the amount of space it can hold, and enable encryption (you then set the password). Now you can put stuff (folders, files etc) onto the disk volume that has been created and when you eject the volume you keep the .dmg file somewhere safe. When you try and open the .dmg file again (which mounts the disc image) it will ask for the password.

    Ofcourse, this means you can only access the files on another mac, if you need to open on a PC aswell then I think you will need to do something like zip/rar the files (and you should be able to put a password on that).

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks much for the help, i'll try the disk utility, disk image..

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