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Thread: Great Sync App

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    Great Sync App
    Hey all,

    I've been looking for another Sync App for a few weeks now and I was discussing the matter with a few of you in some previous topics.

    Anyway, essentially what I wanted to do was to Sync my work folders between my Desktops and Laptop.
    At first, I wondered if iSync could do this for me, but apparently not.
    So I started looking for something that would! After reading numerous reviews on Apps, I stumbled across this really great App called 'Chronosync'.

    My first impression was 'Hmmm, I'd rather not pay for something merely for this task'......But as I looked around further, it seemed there were few reasonable alternatives.
    So I decided to give it a try and I'm thankful that I did.

    $30 for an App that just made my life quite a bit easier.
    Rather than having to manually merge all my files, worry that I forgot to transfer that last, all important paper to my laptop....and vice versa, forgetting all about those notes which I needed to type up when I got back to my desktop, because I forget to transfer them over.
    This program just does IT ALL for me.
    It even mounts and unmounts the network disk in order to Sync the folders for me, it is a really complete solution.

    Anyway, enough waffling....


    Hope this is useful to some of you too!

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    Cool Ill have to check it out, thanks for the link and the review.

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    Does this sync the address book as well? if so, I wouldnt mind giving it a try.

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    Yep, It can do.
    You can basically set it up to sync anything you fancy, anything at all.

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