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    Tech tool pro
    Hi all

    Anybody got any experience with tech tool pro, as i am thinking of buying it.

    What does it do compared to the disk utility built into tiger and is it worth buying.


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    I've got Techtool Deluxe, which came with my Applecare. But i believe Techtool Pro is a lot better. Techtool deluxe is a bit more graphical when you do stuff like verifying permissions plus it checks other things like USB, Video and you can do a surface scan (a bit like Scan Disk in windows). Other things you can check are your processor and RAM, etc. Its pretty good plus it was included in Applecare. This is just info about Techtool Deluxe, so if anyone can add what else is in Techtool Pro that would be useful.

    Hope this helps.
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    I find TechTool Pro very useful as it can keep a constant eye on your hard drive in the background and then alert you to problems by email. You must make sure it is an up to date copy though as it can damage the disk if not.

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