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    msn messenger wtf?
    I have msn messenger and out of the blue its doing something really annoying.

    I havent logged in for a few weeks but when I did yesterday it had my last photo for my display pic. Thats fine.
    But then I tried to change it. That worked. Thats fine.
    I ended a few conversations later and it asked me if I wanted to save my conversations, which is odd cause I have it set to always save them. So I checked that option again for each convo I had.
    Next time I signed in, it had my old display pic set again (not the one I changed it to the other day) and it was called "Default."

    And again, it asked if I wanted to save my conversations. Everytime I log in, it has that same Default picture rather then whatever Ive changed it to, and it always asks me to save my convos. Ive reinstalled many times. Ive deleted all the user caches and everything. I backed up my message history and archived it... Ive done everything.
    And its not even the one msn account either. I have two and they both use that same "Default" picture.

    How can I completely get rid of all that messenger info on my comp and never have to see that friggin picture again?

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    Start using Adium.

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    umm I fixed it but... okay :black:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discerptor
    Start using Adium.

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    Adium is the best messenger for the Mac? I just got a Mac mini.

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    I was using proteus for around 1 yr and I moved on to Adium a couple of months ago.

    It is AWESOME. Heavily customisable, lots of free themes available...

    go to the site now!

    and click on "Xtras" from the menu.

    edit: it's free.

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    Yeah I downloaded Adium. It seems pretty cool. But you know how it is... switching to new things is always hard even if its better. msn messenger is just so familiar to me. Its working good for me now, but if it ever acts up again, at least I have adium there for back up. If I get used to it enough, I may just end up switching.

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