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    Keynote 3: Hide objects while editing
    Sorry for the confusing title, but it's hard to explain! Basically, I'm wondering if there is some hidden feature, or applescript hack etc to do the following.

    When I'm making a slide I sometimes (well, a lot of the time) have to layer things ontop of each other (e.g., place several pictures on top of each other and have one fade out as another fades in). This becomes very messy, especially if I decide to change something, and it's really affecting my productvity. The feature I'm looking for would be something like the ability to hide all the objects on the slide except the ones I want to see (think: hiding a layer in photoshop). As a side note, having some kind of layers window like in photoshop would be a brilliant addition to keynote, but that's wishing for a lot.

    I know you can lock a object so it can't be edited but it's still visible, if I have more than one text box on top of each other then it's impossible to edit without moving it and then carefully putting it back where it was.

    Is this feature already there and I missed it? or can it be done with applescript? or am I just wishing for a feature which will probably never be added by apple?


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    Unhappy Did you find a solution?
    Did you find a solution to this "hide objects" issue as I have the same problem. I'm used to working with Adobe "layers" and yet Keynote has none, strange.

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    You're replying to a post that's over four years old! Please take note of the date before replying. When a thread or post is that old and your question is related, you're much better off creating a new thread.

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