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    Question Notations on e-mails
    I am using Apple Mail version 1.3. I would like to be able to make notations on messages received or, occasionally, on copies of sent messages. For example, it would be useful to attach a note (to myself) to an incoming message that it was cleared by a subsequent phone call or discussed with a colleague, etc. This is common practice with incoming "hard copy" correspondence.
    Can this be done with later versions of Mail or, for that matter, with any other e-mail clients?

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    It can not be done in mail. but there is another mail client out there made by microsoft, it is called entorage.. I don't know if it can do what you want but alot of people here at the forum use it. maybe they will have more insight then I do.
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    In Entourage you can flag an e-mail, and there is a notes section where you can place your desired information.
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    The original question is an old one, but asks for the same info that I did in another topic. The flag and notes are handy, but there isn't an indicator telling me that I have attached a note. I would like to be able to insert, directly into a received or sent email, a note for follow-up. There is an app for Apple's Mail, although the name escapes me now, but I'm an Entourage user.

    There's a script to change the subject. Is it possible that a script could be written to do the same within the body of the email?

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