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    Can't seem to open .pdf files
    I bought a couple of beginner Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard .pdf ebooks online but OSX doesn't seem to open them. Just lists them as "lnk" files. What am I doing wrong here?

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    Your Mac should open PDF files in the Preview application. Are you sure the eBook files are PDF since you say they're shown as "lnk" files. It sounds like you didn't actually download the PDF files but only the link to them. How did you do the download?

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    I downloaded them on my Windows machine. They open fine in that. Then copied them onto my Mac. Weird.

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    Are these files have correct extension? As in .pdf - if not, OS X might not see them as PDF files.

    How exactly did you copy them? It sounds like you might have placed aliases on to your Mac HD, rather than actual files.
    Just go back to Windows machine and do a copy and paste rather than dragging, should work.

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