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Thread: installing Onyx

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    Jul 18, 2014
    installing Onyx
    I D/L'ed Onyx and when I tried to install it I got a msg that said I could not install because the app was from an unauthorized developer. How do I change my setting to allow me to install the Onyx app?

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    Right-click on it and select "Open". Should run anytime after that.
    The problem is Gatekeeper. It wont let the system run apps which aren't 'signed'. It's a security thing.
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    I do it this way:

    - Apple Menu
    - System Preferences
    - Security & Privacy
    - General tab

    At the bottom on this window there are 3 choices:

    - Mac App Store
    - Mac App Store and identified developers
    - Anywhere

    Temporarily check "Anywhere" & install Onyx...then revert from "Anywhere" back to the setting you had previously.

    - Nick

    p.s. Cradom beat me to it! My way is the long way. Cradom's is the faster & easier way!
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    Jul 18, 2014
    Thanks that took care of it.

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    If you did what Nick said, make sure you put it back to the previous setting. That's for your security. I find what cradom recommended to be my preferred way. That way I have the security of Gatekeeper but it's only one click to get past it.

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