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    iTunes - install earlier ver
    How can I install an earlier version of iTunes. Like 10.6 much better.

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    Seems no one recommends this. Let me flesh out the problem with complicated details.

    Have Lion OX 10.6-7. Am waiting for a disk with Mavericks. Have iTunes 11.2.2. Besides that I HATE that apple feels it knows how I like my layout, which they don't; it is nowworking, not downloading anything. Yes, I've reassigned permissions, no; I cannot update, obviously, and do not know how to reinstall. I downloaded 10.6.3 v. which is compatible. If I'm going to reinstall, I want the older version of iTunes and updates be gone, at least until Mav comes via mail.

    Does this help someone to help or discuss or support my dilemma?

    Truly, literally, in the desert,

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    I'm not sure what's going on but Mavericks is not available on disk. It is only available as a download from the Mac App store. (free download) Are you referring to Snow Leopard which is OS X 10.6.X? Snow Leopard is the last version of OS X which comes on disk.

    To answer your question.... you can not install an earlier version of iTunes.

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    Thanks for answering. The company where I bought my mac pro from is burning a CD of Maverick for me because they were suppose to have installed it before sending my new computer and I have a very limited internet broadband connection.

    It's too bad about not being able to install an earlier version of iTunes. I use the earlier version (10.7) on both of my other computers (windows) and I'm very glad that windows does not force me to upgrade like mac does. I really hate version 11.

    I have Lion installed currently. Wasn't sure about whether it was OS X 10.7 or 10.7, but I guess it's 10.7.

    Thanks again for the answer.

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