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Thread: GIS for MAC (Geographic Information Systems)

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    GIS for MAC (Geographic Information Systems)
    I recently downloaded Quantum GIS (QGIS 2.4.0-Chugiak). The program appears to run well, but I am having a difficult time importing aerial photographs into a project. I am in NY State and am trying to import data sets from NY Orthos Online ( Each data set consists of 4 files "j2w", "aux", "jp2", and "tab". I know all 4 files are needed to properly render the photographs, but I am only able to read the "jp2" files. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am not familiar with this GIS software, but is it is anything like the one I [briefly] used about ten years ago on Linux, the easiest way to save some stills, was to use the screen capture.

    If this might work for you, then the three main key combinations are:

    • Full Screen - ⌘⇧3
    • Active Window - ⌘⇧4 then press [space bar], then mouse / touchpad click
    • Selected Area - ⌘⇧4 then drag to select desired area

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