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Thread: Recovering iTunes Library

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    Recovering iTunes Library
    iTunes recently crashed and I received an error message that the "iTunes Library.itl" file was damaged, marked as such, and replaced. I have no recent Time Machine backup (foolish, yes) and was surprised to find no previous library files. There were two .tmp files, a 44mb one from the previous day, and an 11mb one from the time of the crash. I tried marking and importing one and then other as a new "iTunes Library.itl" file. After several errors, both imported almost all of my library (which comes from two different folders), but finished with another error, and I don't know how to determine what is missing. The playlists were also gone.

    Is there anything more I can try to reimport the whole library from these files. If I had to rebuild the library from scratch, is there anywhere else that the playlist data is stored?

    Thanks for any help.
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    If I had to rebuild the library from scratch, is there anywhere else that the playlist data is stored?
    Check here:

    /Users/your name/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries/

    If you don't find what you're looking for there, or the previous library info is missing, you'll need to rebuild the playlists.

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