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Thread: can't send mail

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    can't send mail
    can't send mail since the university changed severs. receive ok. just can't send.

    i'm running Power Book G4, OS X 2.8.3 ITS doesn't 'support' mac mail.

    any ideas out there?



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    it might just be your smtp settings. if youve tried the usual settings for the mail address and it doesnt work it u need to check you smtp settings through your service provider. this might solve the problem

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    what do you mean by checking the smtp through your service provider? I can receive mail but i can not send mail. I am at home and use a router for my networking.

    Before I switched over to the mac, my PC (oulook xp) worked perfectly fine with email. But as soon as I switched to the mac i can't send email only receive.

    I am a but confused as to what the problem is.

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