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    Few things make me more angry than to go to use software that says I need an update and there is none in the app page and the damm thing won't open at all. It was okay yesterday or the day before now, it's greyed out.

    What do I do? I bought an iMac because I got tired of MSFT screwing around and not Apple is doing the same crap. I don't care about the iCloud, worse I don't even know it's role. I just want to access stuff on my desktop when I want it, is that too demanding? I bring up the iCloud because it trying to find Pages that was one place to look. The icon is greyed out so I can't do a thing with it.

    WTH are people like myself who are not IT pros supposed to deal with frustration? Drink?

    Thanks for reading my rant and helping.

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    Ranting and raving and not including particulars will get you nowhere, and certainly no answers. Now how about telling us exactly what's going on so we can offer some help?

    Which version of Pages do you now have? Let's not worry about iCloud unless you intend to use Pages on other devices such as an iPad or iPhone and/or another Mac.

    Also include which Mac you have and what version of OS X it's running.

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