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    PPT 2011 - Relative links to a file in folder that is up two directories?
    Using PPT 2011, I'm trying to link to a file that is up two directories.

    I enter ../../foldername/filename.pdf and it works.

    However, when I save and reopen the file, it doesn't work because it's converted to the following:


    Is the only way to use a relative link to include ppt and the pdf in the same folder?

    If that's the case, then I'll have to place about 250 files in the same folder, where before they were seperated into 16 folders in a clean directory, subdirectory format.

    Thanks in advance for any input that you might have!


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    File paths should remain relative and not change when using "../" syntax. However, have you tried using a file browser to navigate to the file instead of entering it manually?

    Another thought occurred: it's possible that PPT is replacing the / with %5c much like web browsers replace spaces with %20 for the very simple reason that the slash can't be stored/read properly (since it is also used to signify directory changes). %5c however signifies a backslash (\). Are you entering a backslash or a forward slash?
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    When I navigate to it, it inserts the absolute path. I just realized that absolute path might be ok because it references "localhost" instead of the hard drive name.

    Because we will use a Mac installer to copy the files from the DVD, we can control the location.

    So...nevermind..."localhost" absolute path is fine!

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