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Thread: NUMBERS : Search POP-UP Menus on SS

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    NUMBERS : Search POP-UP Menus on SS
    Hi members. I've built a MOVIE SS where in the Actors Column I'm using Pop-Up Menus to list more than one (usually 3) actors.
    Can I search all of these or does it have to be the ONE, (highlighted, chosen specific to the search)?
    If I have to keep having the Pop-Ups as my only choice it's largely a waste of time.
    If I have to set the properties to pop-up it's a useless waste of time - and I lose the VALUABLE Hyperlink to the info. I'm trying to reduce columns and so many more 'long' formulas. Plus you'd have to search on so many columns and I don't thinks that's practical.
    Hope you guys can help.
    Cheers, Mal AU
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