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Thread: Downgrading iTunes

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    Downgrading iTunes
    Is there any way I can install & use iTunes 9 or 10 (the last one where you could open individual playlist windows by double clicking on them) with my iPhone 5s? I much prefer the functionality of the previous iTunes releases

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    I suppose you could remove iTunes 11 and install iTunes 10 if you have a backup copy of it, otherwise you would not be able to download it from Apple. Keep in mind that if you remove 11 and install 10 you may lose some other function that iTunes 11 provides.

    Also, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by individual play list windows? You can still open a playlist on your 5s that was synced from iTunes 11. The function you're looking for might not have anything to do with iTunes but may be controlled by iOS 7.1.1?

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