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    Making copies of DVD copies
    I am wanting to make digital copies of all my DVDs and bought a huge external hard drive to store them all. Long story short I am moving and don't want to lug all of them around.

    Here is the issue: I am having one hell of time coping them on to my computer. No matter what program I use when I switch them to .mpeg I only get a short section of the beginning of the movie (10-20 mins). And making an .iso takes forever.

    Help me please!

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    If you're attempting to copy or rip commercial DVD movies you purchased, you will get no help from us. We abide by US law in these forums and whether you and I agree with the law or not, it is against US law to copy one of those DVDs because it means breaking the copy protection that's placed on them.

    If you're referring to home movies or DVDs that you made with iMovie, that's different and we can advise you with those.

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