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    How do I find a modified photo when using photoshop?
    How do I find a modified photo? I am using Photoshop CS 4. I am using Maverick OS which is 10.9.2 and I started with the image in iPhoto 08 which is version 7.1.5 (378) I have a huge iPhoto library and also do not want to crash my computer when trying to search for this photo. Do I just need to save a separate copy in a different folder so that I can find this file later? Thanks so much.

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    Hi Diana... - now, I do not use Photoshop, but if you know the name of the file (or even a portion), why not just use Spotlight (the little magnifying glass icon top right of the menu bar)? Dave

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    Spotlight did not find the Photoshop file. Can I use Finder to locate the image? I do see that I can actually find MODIFIED as long as I remember what year the photo was in. Does Finder not work for modified images? So often I have a terrible time trying to find a MODIFIED file later. Thanks for trying.

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    Press command-f.
    Change the dropdown to 'Last modified date'. Select the right parameters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianajhunter View Post
    Do I just need to save a separate copy in a different folder so that I can find this file later? Thanks so much.
    Yes this would be a good idea. When in PS, and you either 'Save As' or 'Export and Save'
    you get a drop down window, and in the bottom left it says New Folder. I would Navigate to Pictures, then use the 'New Folder' and name it something like "PS Modified" and click Save.
    Then when ever you edit a Photo in PS CS4 you can then always save to this location and then you will always know where they are. If you edit in iPhoto, then the edited Image will stay in iPhoto, and you will have to re-name it under the Info Tab.

    Its always good practice to use different Folders for Editing work, for ease of finding, and a quicker workflow. In my Picture Folder I have Aperture Exports, PS Creative Cloud, and so on. Different Folders for different Apps, and then I can move them from there to where ever I need them.
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    TattooedMac, Thanks so much. This should really help!

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    This needn't be complicated. In iPhoto, name Photoshop CS4 as your external editor.

    When you find a photo you want to edit in iPhoto, right click on the image and choose "edit in external editor." Photoshop will launch and open the photo.

    Edit it to your heart's desire, then simply save (command-s). Go back to iPhoto and voila, the edited photo is waiting for you (though the option to revert to the original is still there if you change your mind).

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