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    Yahoo mail problem
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I hope I don't **** anyone off if it's not...

    One of my yahoo accounts was being problematic when accessed through MAIL, this was after yahoo said to change the password for whatever reason they had. Unfortunately, I mixed up passwords (their "no repeating past passwords" caught me up), and had to reset the password more than once.

    Now, I can't access that account on any apple device through MAIL (I can throughbthe yahoo website, so I'm assuming yahoo itself isnt the problem. I even deleted and set up that account, a number of times on a number of devices. No luck.

    I've gotten message about "cardDAV" and "no server.". What can I do to get this account that is "inactive" in MAIL to be active again?

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    Have you changed your password for the account within Mail? I recorded a short video showing how to do this - albeit with a Google Mail account, the process should be similar.

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    I’ve changed the password within Mail. Repeatedly. When I do, I get the account, listed as “inactive” as no app boxes are checked. When I check “Mail,” I get the beach ball and then a pop up “There was a problem setting up the account. An unknown error occurred.”

    This is on all devices (iMac, mactop, and iPad). I CAN access the account through, so I’m thinking the problem is not with yahoo, but with Mail.

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    Oh, and get this! I can turn on any of the other functions for this account (Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Notes, AND Reminders). Just NOT Mail!

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    Okay, if anyone has this issue, Follow the Yahoo Sign-in Alert “app-specific password” link.

    For some reason, this ONE account out of the SIX yahoo account we have had an issue. No idea why. So it needed this app=specific password for iOS Mail. Wtf? I don’t care. It’s up.

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